Follow Your Master

Sit back and relax, earn profit by copying professional traders in our supreme copytrade platform that allows you to follow the copytrade manager.

Sharing type:
1) Autoscale Equity = To copy proportionally to equities of manager

2) Autoscale Free Margin = To copy proportionally to margin of manager

3) Sharing Full = To copy with the same volume as manager’s trade

4) Sharing Fixed = To copy fixed volume determined by follower.

Multiplicator / Fixed Value:

  • -Any number greater than 0 to multiply with volume.

Max loss type on manager followed:
1) No max loss = no max loss set

2) Money = the value of maximum loss in the subscription currency

3) Percent = the percentage of current account equity for calculating the max loss.

Meta Trader 4 Benefits

Create your own portfolio

Be a copytrade manager, and promote to others to follow your trading activity.

Detailed manager information

You can browse the list of top traders and choose anyone you desired.

Account transparency

Access real time reporting trading progress and statistics view.

Your account, your decision

You can start and stop copying master trade anytime you want depending on your needs.

Performance Fee:

-Percentage of success fee to be withdrawn from the follower in addition to manager.


Join Password:

-The follower must insert the password set by manager if he/she choose to make the copytrade private, otherwise not needed to make it public.


Minimum Join Balance:

-Minimum amount to copy the trades.

Be A Copytrade Master

Be a copytrade manager by create your own portfolio, and share your trading strategies to gain your follower. Earn your customize commission through copytrade platform.