Earn additional income in financial markets

Busy to analyse market?

FXQM has a few investment service solutions such as PAMM and Copytrade which is an investment platform designed for both fund managers and inventors to work together to earn additional revenue and profits.

Trader & Investor

PAMM: Fund Manager

Investment platform for fund manager to maximize your income by earning profit sharing, managing client's fund and upgrading your portfolio

PAMM: Investor

Sit back and relax, let the expert make your investments profitable by managing your fund using our superior PAMM platform.

Copy Trade: Manager

Invite others to sign up to your trading signals and receive a profit sharing for each trade copied by the traders you invited.

Copy Trade: Follower

Follow leading experts from around the world in real-time and let them earn money for you.

Earn commission

Maximise your income by earning commission fee and profit sharing by using our  investment platform via PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management) and Copytrade.