Easy To Fund & Withdrawal

We offer flexible funding solutions to its clients across the globe, allowing our clients to fund their account with trust, safety and confidence. For faster processing, you need to submit deposit and withdrawal requests from client’s portal.


Account Funding & Withdrawal

No Hidden Fees

FXQM does not charge fees for deposit and withdrawals via local bank transfer.

Processing Time

FXQM process all deposit to your account within 24 hours. We process all withdrawal request within 1-3 working days. Any transaction request during weekend will be processed on the next working days.

Segregated Account

FXQM deposits all clients funds into segregated accounts. Client moneys relating to retail clients held in the segregated account does not get used for hedging of its contract with retail clients.

Coming Soon

We will upgrade our payment option from time to time to satisfy our client’s needs.

  • √ No hidden fees
  • Fast payment method
  • Segregated accounts
  • Safe and secure