Account Type
Minimum Deposit

Spread (Pips) Starts from
Cashback (Rebate)Up to $2 / Lot-
Deposit Bonus-30% Deposit Bonus
Minimum Lot Size0.010.01
Max Lot Size100.0100.0
Maximum Order200200
Margin Call Level50%50%
Stop Out Level30%30%
Swap Free
Negative Balance
$ 8 / Lot-

FXQM reserves the right to terminate, cancel, block, close the client’s account, or even set off those balance of any bonus promotion and account if FXQM detects any suspicious activity (Expert Advisor, Churning, scalping robot, and others) such that clients have tried to manipulate or abuse any promotion related. FXQM reserves the right to change bonus terms and conditions at any time by notifying clients via emails and website.

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The meta trader4 server is cross connected to our communication network to ensure low latency and fast execution of your trades via FXQM trading environment.


Our Spreads offers some of the lowest possible spreads available. For EUR/USD average spread is 0.1 pips without any commission charges.


We protect our clients with negative balance protection ensures that your account will never go below zero.



Margin & Leverage

FXQM offers best leverage to give traders the best chance of successfully trading some of the most volatility markets in the world.


The margin represents the number of funds required to secure positions. When you place a trade, the margin is locked in until the trade is closed. The margin figure displayed in your account details represents the total used margin for all open trades.

To calculate your margin, you can use the formula:

Trade size in units/Leverage = Margin in Base Currency
Trade size in units/Leverage x Exchange rate = Margin in the quote currency


Leverage multiples traders’ buying power, allowing traders to control a larger investment than their capital, potentially increasing their returns while only investing a percentage of the overall value of the asset.

FXQM offers two types of leverage depends on the type of account, a maximum of 1:500 for a standard account and 1:1000 for a premium account.

The higher the leverage, the higher the level of risk.

Leverage & Gearing

Transactions in Foreign Exchange and derivative Financial Instruments carry a high degree of risk. The amount of initial margin may be small relative to the value of the foreign exchange or derivatives contract so that the transactions are “Leveraged or geared”. Maximum leverage depending on the equity and will changing automatically according this table:

Equity (USD)Leverage
From $1 to $9,9991:500
From $10,000 to $29,9991:200
From $30,000 and above1:100
Equity (USD)Leverage
From $1 to $4,9991:1000
From $5,000 to $9,9991:500
From $10,000 to $29,9991:200
From $30,000 and above1:100

Margin Call @ 50% margin level

A margin call is calculated by equity / used margin x 100. It is advised that you should either close off positions to free up margin or add additional funds to increase available margin.

Margin Call Alerts

When the margin level drops to 50% or lower, that means the entire equity of your trading account is used as collateral, and you can no longer open any other positions. This results in a negative free margin.

Margin Stop out @ 30% margin level

This means that equity divided by used margin equals 1. In other words, equity has dropped so low that it equals the used margin. For example, if stop out level of 30% means that once your equity falls to a value equal to three-tenths of your used margin, stop out(s) will begin to occur.



Normal Trading Hours

One major benefit of Forex, Indices, and Commodities trading is they all trade nearly 24 Hours a day, 5 days a week.

Daily Trading Break

Daily trading breaks depending on the type of instruments which clients are able to see the prices streaming during this break.

Market Opens

The GMT offset is either +1 or +2 depending on whether Daylight Savings time is in effect or not. The spreads can be wider as the liquidity providers reset when switch online (Monday session start) and switch offline (Friday session end) which result a low liquidity.

5 and 7 Daily candles

The GMT offset is either +1 or +2 depending on whether Daylight Savings time is in effect or not. Currently, FXQM has a 5+1 daily candle week for all clients. The 5 daily candle is per usual weekly candle from Monday to Friday, while 1 extra candle was for the Sunday bar opening time during the wintertime GMT+1. However, the cryptocurrencies may have 7 daily candles.


0.0 pips


FXQM’s main purpose is to provide traders with extra-low spread access to global markets through market-leading pricing and execution, reducing your trading costs. Depending on the type of accounts, our standard account provides a low spread starts from 0.0 pips, while the premium account starts from 1.0 pips.

Zero commission

No commission is attached for Premium Account, which gives an extra advantage to traders making a great investment through FXQM trading environment.

Live Spread

Kindly download and install our MT4 platform in order to see the live spread for Standard and Premium Account as the spread differs according to account types.



Trading Technology Platform

MetaTrader 4 is an advanced trading platform that gives you the power to utilize powerful features for improving your trading strategy MT4 is a user-friendly interface with interbank liquidity which offers a number of benefits to the end-user and satisfies many of the most popular traders needs with its variety of tools and resources.

Simple & Easy
to use

One Click Trading


Automated Trading



Meta Trader 4 Desktop


User Guide on how to connect to MT4 platform on a Mac OS


User Guide on how to connect to MT4 platform on a Windows